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Man Matters Hair Gummies Review – Do They Work For Hair Loss?

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Are you concerned about increasing hair fall or a rapidly receding hairline? Hair loss is a natural part of growing older (and wiser😏) for most men, but it still can impact your self-confidence. Any significant and uncontrollable change in your appearance can be unsettling, but you aren’t defenseless. If this is you, keep reading for our review of Man Matters biotin gummies!

Biotin is one of the most effective over-the-counter solutions for hair loss in men and women. Man Matters Biotin Hair Gummies were explicitly designed for men who want fuller, more voluminous hair without the potential side effects of harsh prescriptions or surgical solutions.  

When it comes to effective hair gummies, Man Matters is a well-respected industry leader. The brand started India’s first fully digital health clinic catering to men’s needs, including weight management, sleep enhancement, sexual issues, hair, and skin health. This Man Matters hair gummies review will help you determine if they are the best choice for you, while evaluating the ingredients, efficacy, and safety.

Cutting to the Chase…

The main active ingredient in Man Matters hair gummies is biotin. Scientifically proven to help combat hair fall in men and women, biotin is used in hair loss and health products worldwide. This review will look at how effective Man Matters hair growth gummies are for men experiencing hair loss or thinning follicles. We’ll also discuss the research backing the use of biotin for healthier hair volume and texture. 

There are a lot of glowing Man Matters hair gummies reviews out there – this one will focus on an honest discussion of the pros and cons of using hair gummies from this reputable brand. 

Man Matters hair supplement review

Combovers and bald heads are no longer the only options for men starting to experience hair loss. The men’s hair health supplements market is growing, and Man Matters is bringing some of the most effective solutions to India. 

Women’s products have dominated the personal care industry for years, but men have unique needs, too, and deserve products designed to meet them. One of those needs is hair loss, but Man Matters isn’t exclusive to that one issue. They also offer solutions and products touch on everything from nutrition and weight management to hygiene and performance. 

The brand works with a team of medical experts and doctors to ensure every product includes the safest and most effective ingredients. They also follow strict processes to ensure batch testing is thorough and consistent. This keeps the quality high, which is why Man Matters is one of the most respected platforms in India today. 

What are Man Matters Hair Gummies?

Man Matters Biotin Hair Gummies help restore hair health in the following areas when taken consistently (once daily): 

  • Texture 
  • Volume 
  • Thickness 
  • Strength
  • Nourishment 
  • Reduced breakage
  • Reduced hair fall 

The gummies are 100% vegan, and the single active ingredient is biotin. We’ll talk about the effectiveness of biotin and the research supporting its use for hair health in a moment. For now, note that Man Matters hair gummies get their power from biotin, zinc, and a carefully chosen selection of vitamins. 

You can also purchase these biotin hair gummies from Man Matters in a sugar-free formula. 

Source: Man Matters

What ingredients are in Man Matters Hair Gummies besides biotin? 

Biotin isn’t the only ingredient in Man Matters Nourish hair gummies. The ingredient list is relatively short because they only wanted to include elements that can contribute to healthier hair for men. Even more important is what the gummies do not contain

  • No artificial colors
  • No fat 
  • No gluten 
  • No gelatin 
  • No GMO

Let’s look at each ingredient other than biotin and the research that supports its use for hair health. 

ZincZinc deficiency is a more common contributing factor to hair loss. Men with alopecia are particularly known to have this deficiency, and zinc therapies have proven effective in that population. Supplementing with zinc can help the problem. 

Vitamin A – Vitamin A contributes to sebum secretion, which is required for scalp health. Adequate sebum secretion can reduce hair breakage. Also known as retinol, vitamin A is one of the most widely used vitamins in the beauty industry today. 

Vitamin C – While there isn’t much scientific evidence that vitamin C can help reduce hair loss, the supplement has clear benefits for anyone struggling. Vitamin C is active in collagen biosynthesis, which is essential for hair, skin, and nail health. There are many health benefits to supplementing with this vitamin beyond hair health. 

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that combats oxidative stress within the body. Oxidative stress contributes to aging, including the aging and breakdown of hair. Supplementing with vitamin E can help reduce free radicals and the stress they deliver with time. 

Do Man Matters biotin Gummies help prevent hair loss? 

It’s time to jump into that main ingredient in Man Matters hair growth gummies: biotin. It’s now used heavily worldwide to combat hair loss and stimulate nail growth. While the scientific studies to prove its efficacy are small, the results consistently support biotin for hair loss. 

One review of all available research into the use of biotin for hair loss found 18 scientific studies on the subject. All the studies involved patients receiving treatment for some variation of poor hair or nail health. In every study, participants saw improvements in hair and nail health after supplementing with biotin

More research is needed to determine how effective biotin alone is at regrowing hair that has already fallen out. What we do know is that biotin is required to produce keratin, which is an active protein in hair. Many people have used biotin supplements to successfully slow hair fall and restore strength to weak and brittle nails

Perhaps the most impressive support for biotin hair gummies from Man Matters is the reviews on the brand’s website. Men in India report reduced hair fall and healthier, more voluminous hair after consistently taking the gummies.  

Who should try Man Matters Hair Gummies? 

Man Matters Biotin Hair Gummies are for any man interested in improving hair and scalp health. You don’t have to wait until you’re experiencing increased hair fall or notice a receding hairline to start treating your hair with a safe biotin supplement. It’s far easier to prevent hair loss than to regrow hair that’s already been lost

If you already have a known biotin, zinc, or other nutritional deficiency, Man Matters hair gummies can help. If your hair is falling and you aren’t sure what is causing it other than age, you’re also an ideal candidate for this simple hair loss supplement. 

Do you look in the mirror and wish your hair had better texture, was more voluminous, thicker, or just healthier in general? If so, you may benefit from taking an effective biotin hair treatment. Gummies are perfect if you don’t like taking pills or want to keep your supplements as easy as possible to ensure consistency. 

Hair gummies from Man Matters are much easier to use than hair foams, shampoos, and other topical products. They’re also safe to use along with topical products to maximize results. 

Man Matters Hair Gummies: who are they not for? 

Some causes of hair loss aren’t treatable with biotin, zinc, or multivitamins. If you have been diagnosed with androgenic alopecia or another medical condition that results in hair loss, you should check with your medical provider to discuss treatment options.

You may not see results with Man Matters hair growth gummies or any other biotin supplement if you don’t take them consistently. It’s recommended that you take them for 84 days – if you can’t commit to chewing the gummies daily, then this supplement may not deliver the results you expect. 

Man Matters Hair Gummies: Pros & Cons

  • Simple, effective ingredients
  • Lab tested
  • 100% vegan
  • Sugar-free formula available
  • Free of GMO/gelatin/gluten
  • No significant side effects
  • Easy to take
  • Limited subscription plans
  • Long term consistency required for results

Best Gummies for Hair loss: Man Matters vs Nonu Care vs Bold Care 

How do the hair gummies from Man Matters stack up to some of the biggest competitors serving the market here in India? We took the time to dig up the data to save you a little time. Let’s check out how Man Matters hair growth gummies compete with Nonu Biotin Gummies and Bold Care Biotin Hair Regrowth Supplements

Best gummies for hair loss
Price₹849 for 2-month supply

₹990 for sugar free 2-month supply
₹2,000 for 2-month supply ₹999 for 2-months supply
Gummies or pills?GummiesGummiesGummies
Gummies flavourStrawberryStrawberryStrawberry
Sugar free option available?
Number of gummies60 per bottle (2-month supply)30 per bottle (1-month supply)60 per bottle (2-month supply)
Enriched with multivitamins?
Gluten/Gelatin free?
Free delivery?
Ships to?India onlyIndia onlyIndia only
WebsiteMan Matters Nonu Care Bold Care

Man Matters Hair Gummies Reviews: biotin Gummies with multivitamins for hair loss 

After looking into the ingredients included in the hair gummies from Man Matters and comparing them to some of the biggest competitors, we’ve concluded that Man Matters is the best option for men concerned about receding hairlines or hair fall. The gummies only include ingredients necessary to stimulate improved hair health, eliminating some of the unnecessary ingredients included in the competing formulas. 

Man Matters hair growth gummies are 100% vegan and exclude ingredients that could compromise the health of users, including GMO. They also leave out gluten and offer a sugar-free option, making it easy for men to fit the gummies into their diet. 

If you aren’t sure what is causing your hair fall or want to prevent hair loss as much as possible, we believe Man Matters hair growth gummies are worth consideration. The natural ingredients are safe for most users, but you should discuss all supplements with a medical provider if you have a diagnosed medical condition or take prescription medications that may interact with some vitamins. There is an option to consult with a doctor through the Man Matters platform, which we’ll discuss in a moment. 

It doesn’t take much effort to chew gummies each day, so this hair fall solution easily blends right into your daily routine. That leads to consistency, which is what ultimately delivers results with any hair health supplement. 


Taking the doctor assessment 

You aren’t required to take a doctor’s assessment before ordering Man Matters hair growth gummies. But, a self-assessment on the brand’s website will guide you toward the most effective products for your personal needs. It’s a fast process that allows you to consult with a doctor free of charge and receive a personalized treatment plan that includes the most effective Man Matters hair loss products. 

You’ll provide your name, age, weight, and height to begin the assessment. If you aren’t comfortable providing personal information, you can skip the assessment and order the gummies to see if they work for you. 

How much do Man Matters Hair loss Gummies cost? 

The full retail price for one bottle of Man Matters hair loss gummies is ₹849. They’re often discounted to less than ₹800 for a single bottle, so check the website often for deals. Each bottle contains 60 gummies, which will last for two months. 

The sugar-free version is retailed at ₹990.

What other treatments does Man Matters offer for hair loss? 

If you aren’t sold on gummies or prefer to use other forms of hair fall treatment, Man Matters has other options available. You can also safely use some of these alternatives along with the gummies if you want to maximize results

Some of the hair loss solutions currently available from Man Matters include: 

  • Minoxidil 5% Solution or Foam 
  • DarkMax Hair Tonic 
  • RPB Advanced Hair Tonic 
  • Anti-Hair Fall DHT Blocker Shampoo 
  • Hair 360 Tablets
  • Scalp Revitalising Kit 
  • Hair Growth Product Kits 

These are all topical applications that you apply on a routine basis for long-term results. 

The Bottomline – Are Man Matter’s hair gummies worth it? 

It’s clear from the Man Matters hair gummies reviews on the company’s website that the product works for many men in India. We’re impressed with the simple yet effective ingredient list and lack of unnecessary additives and fillers. While they could use more options for subscriptions and product bundles to reduce the frequency of manually ordering the gummies, they do offer a two-month supply in every bottle to compensate. 

If you have alopecia or another condition with a known cause for hair fall, you may not benefit much from taking biotin supplements. We believe Man Matters hair gummies are one of the best options on the market for men who aren’t sure why they’re losing hair or believe it is due to natural aging. 

Finally, consistency is essential for long-term hair health benefits, and it doesn’t get any easier than chewing a gummy every day. It’s certainly easier than swallowing pills or applying a topical solution!

Man Matters Hair Gummies FAQs: what to know before getting started

You should take Man Matters hair growth gummies once a day. Preferably, take your supplement around the same time every day. Work it into your routine, so you don’t have to think much about it. 

You should begin to notice stronger nails and some improvements in hair health within the first month or two. After three months, you may start to see thicker, healthier hair and possibly some new hair growth. 

There are no known severe side effects of biotin gummies. 

Yes, you can combine biotin gummies with topical hair loss solutions like foams and shampoos. You should avoid taking multiple oral supplements with the same or similar ingredients. 

Rating: 4.2 / 5
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