Youly vs. Kin Fertility: Which Is Best for Women’s Health Online?

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Youly and Kin Fertility are two Australian telehealth brands that offer treatments for various health conditions and concerns for individuals assigned female at birth. Both platforms are designed for individuals seeking convenient and discreet healthcare online, with treatments delivered directly to your door. In addition, both companies offer access to medical experts who manage treatment and are available should any questions or concerns arise. 
Youly offers prescription treatments for sexual health, general health, and skincare, making it a convenient option for a wide variety of healthcare needs and concerns, including weight management, smoking cessation, acne, contraception, menopause, urinary tract infections, and more.
Kin Fertility focuses more on reproductive health, offering both prescription and non-prescription treatment options, including contraception, fertility tests, prenatal vitamins, postpartum recovery kits, breastfeeding essentials, and more. In addition, they offer supplements for a few general conditions or concerns, such as sleep, stress, and digestion.
In this article, we compare Youly to Kin Fertility, offering an overview of both companies, including their pros and cons, as well as conditions and concerns treated. In addition, we also discuss who each brand may work best for.

Our Quick Take

Youly vs. Kin Fertility: Overview Comparison Chart

We’ve compared Youly and Kin Fertility head-to-head to help you better understand which company may work best for your needs.

Youly vs. Kin Fertility Overview

YoulyKin Fertility
Membership price❌ (not required)$79/year
Consultation cost$35Covered by the $79 annual membership fee
$70 for fertility video consultation
Health Conditions and ConcernsSexual health
Everyday health
Every stage of reproductive health
Contraceptive pill available?✅ 36 birth control brands✅ Over 35 birth control brands
Prescription meds available?🟡 Just birth control pill
Discreet, free shipping?
Issues medical certificate?
Unlimited ongoing support?
Personalised treatments?
Automatic refills?
Supplements available?

Youly Review: Is Youly Reliable for Online Health Treatments?

Youly is a legitimate health company that provides treatments for individuals assigned female at birth. The company offers:
  • Quick and easy consults with trusted and licensed Australian medical experts
  • The ability to issue medical certificates
  • Access to new prescriptions or the ability to fill an existing e-script
To get started with Youly, you’ll fill out a brief online questionnaire regarding your symptoms and the treatment you’re interested in. Next, you’ll consult with an Australia-based medical professional who can assess your symptoms and work with you to decide which treatment plan is the best fit. If approved for treatment, it will be shipped to your door via direct post.
Youly addresses a variety of health conditions and concerns, offering treatments for sexual health, everyday health, and skincare concerns.

Is Youly Safe?

Youly is generally considered a safe option for individuals seeking convenient and affordable online health services. The company is LegitScript certified and is part of the Midnight Health family.
All consultations take place with a licensed medical professional, and members can connect with their provider at any time if they have questions or concerns.

Youly Refunds

Youly offers refunds for treatment plans or memberships in the following cases:

  • The clinician decides the treatment is not appropriate
  • The specific treatment plan is no longer available
  • An incorrect program or a pricing error is identified

If refunds are approved, they can take up to 14 days to be issued.


  • Quick appointment scheduling ensures that individuals can receive timely medical attention
  • Well-equipped to address a wide range of health concerns that impact assigned females, ensuring specialised care
  • Unlimited messaging with doctors allows ongoing communication for follow-up questions, concerns, and updates


  • Refunds only available under certain conditions, meaning some people won’t be able to get their money back even if they decide not to move forward with the program

Conditions That Youly Treats

Youly offers treatments for sexual health, everyday health, and skincare concerns, including:
  • Contraception, such as pills or a vaginal ring, to prevent pregnancy, or help manage symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, and more
  • Medication for herpes simplex virus (HSV), a sexually transmitted infection
  • Prescription medication for menopause, which describes a time when the menstrual cycle ends
  • Morning after pill, an emergency contraception
  • Medication for vaginal thrush, a fungal yeast infection
  • Medication for urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Cold sore medication
  • Medication for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also known as reflux
  • Weight loss prescription medication
  • Medication for certain sleep conditions
  • Medications for skincare concerns, such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis

Youly Reviews From Their Customers

In general, individuals seem happy with Youly, noting how easy the process was and how caring the team is.
Wow! What an amazing serviceLauren
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“This is such a caring and efficient team. I really appreciate how easy it was to get everything headed in the right direction so I can get my health back on track.”
Such an easy service to use Sam A.
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“I used to be with one of Youly’s competitors but youly has better prices and is just as fast. Love them.”

Kin Fertility Review: Is Kin Fertility Good for Fertility Treatment?

Kin Fertility is a legitimate health and wellness company that offers fertility-related healthcare. Some notable services offered include:

  • A fertility specialist and OB/GYN-approved pregnancy checklist, which is available through the platform’s mobile app and is personalised to each individual’s pregnancy 
  • Fertility consultations with trusted Australian doctors
  • $79 annual membership fee, which includes free treatment delivery, flexible delivery schedules, auto-refills, unlimited text-based consults, access to health information, and the ability to switch medications at any time 
Kin Fertility provides products and services for every step of the reproductive journey, including contraception, planning, pregnancy, and postpartum.
The program starts with a brief health questionnaire, followed by a consultation with a reproductive health expert who will provide specialised and personalised care. After your consultation, your reproductive health expert will recommend a treatment plan and, if needed, arrange to ship prescriptions or supplements directly to your door.

Is Kin Fertility Safe?

Kin Fertility is generally considered to be a safe option for managing all aspects of one’s fertility journey. A licensed healthcare provider facilitates all consultations, and members have access to a provider at any time via text.


  • Covers a broad spectrum of fertility-related health needs, including contraception, fertility treatments, prenatal care, and postpartum support
  • Offers tailored treatment plans based on individual needs and medical history
  • Offers prescription and non-prescription treatments and products, with a focus on reproductive health


  • Mainly focuses on reproductive health, with limited products and treatments for more general health conditions

Kin Fertility Treatments and Products

Kin offers a variety of medications and products that support reproductive health, including:
  • Contraceptive pills that may be used to prevent pregnancy, as well as manage acne, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), and more
  • Planning-related products, such as pregnancy, ovulation, and genetic carrier tests, as well as prenatal vitamins
  • Pregnancy-related products, including prenatal vitamins refills, belly band, protein shake powder, morning sickness tea, iron supplements, belly cream, nipple balm, and more
  • Postpartum-related products, including breastfeeding pads, postnatal supplements, peri bottle, padsicles, sitz bath, epsom salts, witch hazel healing foam, and more
  • Supplements that support sleep, healthy digestion, stress reduction, PMS, and more

Kin Fertility Reviews From Their Customers

Overall, individuals seem pleased with Kin Fertility, especially noting the simple sign-up process and the professionalism of their healthcare providers.
Great peace of mindKate
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“This was worth the spend in terms of peace of mind, finding out about my body, my fertility, estimated time of reaching menopause and expectation of being able to conceive again. I am 37 and have already had two children, but left a gap of 4 years before a 3rd, so naturally I’m worried about being older this time. So it was great to have these tests done and eliminate any potential worries ahead of TTC. Thanks Kin!”
Easy and quick to sign up...Amy
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“Easy and quick to sign up. My Kin doctor picked up on and suggested a solution to issues I've gone to doctors in person about and had no help. It was great that an issues I've had for years was addressed in the first message without me asking for it.”

The Verdict: Which Online Women’s Health Service Is Best?

Youly and Kin Fertility may both be valuable additions to an individual’s health regimen. Both platforms offer good solutions for those who want convenient and accessible healthcare.

Youly is best for everyday health conditions. 

For those interested in support for everyday health conditions, Youly is the clear winner. The company offers prescription treatments for a range of health conditions and concerns, including acne, UTIs, menopause, smoking cessation, birth control, and more. They also don’t require a membership fee and allow individuals to pause or cancel deliveries at any time.

Kin is best for reproductive health.

Kin Fertility works best for reproductive health as they offer many more options when it comes to fertility treatment and reprodcutive care. Treatments and products offered include ovulation, pregnancy, and genetic carrier tests, as well as birth control, vitamins, supplements, and postpartum care products, like nipple balm and padsicles. Keep in mind that they charge a monthly fee on top of the cost of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. If you’re meeting with a licensed healthcare provider, you can safely buy the pill and other contraceptives online.

To cancel you Kin Fertility subscription:

  • Log into your Kin Profile
  • Scroll to the “ongoing subscriptions” section
  • Click the “manage”’ button for the subscription you want to cancel
  • Click “cancel plan”

It costs $24.95 to get a medical certificate from Youly

In assigned females, fertility generally starts to decline around age 30, and even more so after the age of 35.


We conducted extensive research to evaluate the pricing, effectiveness, accessibility, and overall quality of Kin Fertility and Youly. To determine overall value, we also evaluated customer support and treatment options. 

Other factors we investigated included convenience, access to healthcare providers, and any free services or resources offered. We selected Youly as best for everyday health conditions because of the extensive prescription treatments offered for a variety of health conditions. Kin Fertility stood out for its range of prescription and non-prescription treatments and products focusing on fertility, making it the better choice for reproductive health. 

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